PTGC Player’s Club

The PTGC Player’s Club was established in 2021 to enhance and promote the golf course.

In coordination with the golf course manager, a large group of volunteers …. men and women golfers and non-golfers … have made a number of improvements:  flowering plants around the clubhouse, new & repaired benches, sand traps improved with extra sand & edge trimming, new tee box markers, and this new PTGC website designed by Mike Kelley. Fundraising tournaments to benefit our local community are in the works.  

The energy and ambition of the Player’s Club is the result of the realization in 2020 that the golf course property was in jeopardy. Owned by the City of Port Townsend, the property was being considered for alternate uses due to the course’s low revenue.

After community feedback with extensive surveys and meetings, the City Council decided to keep the golf course “as is” and extend the golf manager’s contract for three years. The Players Club is working hard to attract more local golfers and tourists, hoping that increased use will help ensure the course’s economic viability into the future.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact Barb Matter, Volunteer Coordinator, at 360-390-4662.

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