Tombstone Golf Tournament 2022 | October 29

Thirty-two golfers participated in the 9-hole tournament to see who could travel the furthest around the course.

Golfers were allotted 35 strokes (par for nine holes} plus their designated handicap, which depending on the participant’s caliber of play, ranged from 0 to 18 strokes.

When the last shot was taken, golfers placed a “tombstone” at the spot where the ball came to rest. Braving blustery winds and the threat of rain, many golfers managed to make it as far as the 8th green and 9th fairway.

The two standouts of the tournament were Joey Beebe, who was recognized as the earliest golfer out who made it to the 6th green, and the last golfer out, MIke Lux, who hit his final shot into the pond on the 11th tee.

The golfers enjoyed the tournament format and had fun writing witty epitaphs on the “tombstones’ that dotted the course.

See below for some of the epitaphs written by the golfers.

Some of the tombstones from the golfers who came up short on the 9th hole.

On Saturday, October 29th, for Halloween, the Players Club is bringing back the Tombstone Tournament. Last held at this course in 1930, the object of this 9-hole tournament is to make as much distance as possible around the course in a given number of strokes.

The Tombstone golf tournament fundraiser to help promote the golf course is scheduled for this coming weekend.   

The cost is $10 for green fees and $10 for the tournament. Starting time is 10:00 am.

Form a group on one of the three days and make a tee time (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday).

Individual stroke play (net) Par 35 + 9 hole handicap. Start on hole 1 and play until you run out of strokes.

Place your tombstone at the spot your ball comes to rest after your last stroke. Write your name and epitaph on your tombstone.

Pick up your tombstones at the clubhouse.

Each player is allotted by the handicap committee a sufficient number of strokes above par, 35. The players’ mark or “tombstone” is placed at the point where the ball rests after the final stroke.

To get in the spirit of Halloween, a 3-foot tombstone will be provided to each participant to stick in the ground at their golf ball’s final resting place.

According to organizer Tim Caldwell, “At the end of the day, I imagine the 9th fairway will look like Little Big Horn.” Rita Beebe is generously donating the foam board tombstones.

For details on the upcoming October tournaments, please contact the Port Townsend Golf Course at (360) 385-4547.  

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